I love to teach people one on one, and I have extensive experience in this field. I offer private sessions for people of all ages and abilities; from children to seniors, from those with limitations to athletes.


In general, private sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. They allow you to work at your own pace, and can be helpful for those new to yoga who would like a solid foundation before attending public classes. For those already practicing, one on one sessions are a good way to explore deeper expressions of the asanas (poses) and/or develop your home practice. In addition, private sessions are very beneficial for the following specific needs:


Yoga can be an effective approach to preventing injuries by using sound and precise principles of alignment, as well as supporting a healing process. Yoga can be highly beneficial for people experiencing a variety of injuries, postural imbalances, stress-related issues, and breathing difficulties, as well as those recovering from surgery.


Private yoga is also life-enhancing for pregnant, post partum, and/or menopausal women. These different stages of a women’s life may require a sensitive and skillful approach to the yoga practice. I have had the privilege to help several women who began their yoga practice with me when they became pregnant.

Learning the Wall Ropes


Rope work, or yoga korunta, is a very efficient and playful part of the Iyengar tradition of yoga. Ropes help tremendously in building agility and strength of body and mind. By transforming our relationship with gravity, the ropes assist us in focusing on specific parts of the body, refining the dynamics within a pose, and going beyond our habitual limits. In each session you will learn a variety of poses and movements that can be enhanced by using the wall ropes.

Betty's studio is also equipped with the Yoga Wall equipment, which allows countless variations of poses, with belts adjustable to everybody. The versatility of this great Yoga Wall allows the sessions to be designed for your needs. Especially for certain therapeutic needs, such as back issues, the Yoga Wall facilitates traction and support, and can awaken a deeper knowledge  of our body-mind connection. It can also be a lot of fun.

As well as offering other options for your own practice, these sessions are a wonderful opportunity to increase your repertoire as a yoga teacher. Call for rates.

Teacher Mentoring

Teacher mentoring is structured for new or aspiring yoga teachers who want to deepen their yoga practice and strengthen their voice in their teaching. This is an opportunity to clarify one’s personal vision, and develop intuitive wisdom from your life experience. Sessions can include instruction in asana, pranayama, meditation, the art of sequencing, how to link alignment, attitude and action, how to develop themes, as well as supporting self-inquiry (for example, “Is your practice and teaching helping you foster an ability to remain focused on your innate spiritual life while performing your worldly duties with love and respect?”

Semi-privates are also available.

Private sessions take place at Yoga du Soleil, a beautiful, fully equipped yoga studio. Under special circumstances I will teach at your home.

For rates and availability, or questions, call 415.861.3055
Referrals are available upon request.

Gift certificates are available for workshops, private sessions, or a class.

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